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Biking with Baby

Verified Written by Jim Fay, Biking Expert & Bike Shop Owner, Dad

What a better way to spend quality time in a beautiful, sunny day with your kids than a bike ride? Jim Fay, an experienced biker and bike shop owner talks about his experience with biking with his children and grandchildren, and gives you the tips and checklist of what you need.

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Avoiding Diaper Rash with the 3 Rs

Verified  Written by Bonnie Stabrawa, Board Certified Pediatrician, Mom

Does your baby suffer from diaper rash? Many babies from the age of 9 to 12 months have diaper rash. Dr. Bonnie Stabrawa, a board certified pediatrician, talks about the 3 R process and how to prevent diaper rashes from happening with a simple 3-step guide.

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Preventing Container Baby Syndrome

 Verified Written by Julie Love, BS, Licensed Physical Therapist  University of Evansville, 1991

Do you know what container baby syndrome is? Julie Love, a licensed physical therapist, talks about it and gives you tips and tricks on how to prevent it.

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A recipe for the cold days: Homemade tomato soup.

VerifiedWritten by Julie A Thenell, BS/MS/NC/BCHN® 

What better way to get ready for a cold winter than to have a homemade, delicious tomato soup to enjoy with your family and friends? Julie Thenell, a board certified nutritionist teaches you how to make that perfect.

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